About Us

The Artistic Side of Thunder (ASOFT) is an organization that caters to new authors that are struggling with the task of writing and the process. Over the last two years we have complied a ton of data on what it takes to get a story idea that is in your head to a polished manuscript that can be submitted to an agent or publisher. The object is to get your story in the hands of paying readers. Once that reader falls in love with the book, you have a fan for life.

There is a lot that goes into the process and we offer services that remove some of the stumbling blocks. There is no fee for most of the services; other will have a small fee associated with them.

We offer advice and services in the following areas:

  • Getting Started Advice
  • Getting The Most Out of Social Media
  • Blog Hosting
  • BETA Readers for all Genres
  • Editing
  • Publishing (INDIE and Traditional)
  • Publishing Questions
  • Agent Questions
  • Query Letters

Click on The Services Tab or Here for a description of each service and its cost.

Contact us at ASOFTwriting@gmail.com with any questions.


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