J.T. Thunder-New Post

J.T. has found an old poem that he written back in 2010. He posted it to his blog the other day. Warning it is classified as Erotica, like that is going to scare some of you off. Below you will find a small sampling of the his work.

Author: J.T. Thunder

March 10 2010

Thanks Princess for the Memories

I Will Never Be Able To…

Watch another amazing sunset without thinking of your majestic beauty and sparkling green eyes,
Hear the clap of thunder and the lighting flash across the night sky in a display of power without thinking of your radiant smile,
Stand on a river bank and watch it run its gentle course without remembering the pain of our good-byes,
Help those in need without thinking of you and how you went that extra mile.

Forget how it felt the first time holding your gloved hand and seeing the passion in your eyes standing in that wooded nook,
The hug that sent chills up my spine and caught me by surprise,
All started by a text ‘I’m a passionate fuck’ from a Mardi-Gras vacation you took.
Which all lead to pain and regret of how our friendship was in a compromise.

To read the the rest of the poem go to J.T. Thunders blog.

Happy reading Nina D. ~ ASOFT Writing


About ASOFT Writing

The Artistic Side of Thunder (ASOFT) is an organization that caters to new authors that are struggling with the task of writing and the process. Over the last two years we have complied a ton of data on what it takes to get a story idea that is in your head to a polished manuscript that can be submitted to an agent or publisher. The object is to get your story in the hands of paying readers. Once that reader falls in love with the book, you have a fan for life.
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