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J.T. has found an old poem that he written back in 2010. He posted it to his blog the other day. Warning it is classified as Erotica, like that is going to scare some of you off. Below you will find a small sampling of the his work.

Author: J.T. Thunder

March 10 2010

Thanks Princess for the Memories

I Will Never Be Able To…

Watch another amazing sunset without thinking of your majestic beauty and sparkling green eyes,
Hear the clap of thunder and the lighting flash across the night sky in a display of power without thinking of your radiant smile,
Stand on a river bank and watch it run its gentle course without remembering the pain of our good-byes,
Help those in need without thinking of you and how you went that extra mile.

Forget how it felt the first time holding your gloved hand and seeing the passion in your eyes standing in that wooded nook,
The hug that sent chills up my spine and caught me by surprise,
All started by a text ‘I’m a passionate fuck’ from a Mardi-Gras vacation you took.
Which all lead to pain and regret of how our friendship was in a compromise.

To read the the rest of the poem go to J.T. Thunders blog.

Happy reading Nina D. ~ ASOFT Writing

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Book Release

As you can tell the web site has been reconfigured once again to better serve the authors and you the reader. The format stayed the same with links to the writers web sites in the right menu bar. We have added (2) new tabs, The Authors, gives a little information about them with a link to get their full Bio., the other Buy Their Books Here, which allows you to see the cover, ISBN number, price, along with the genre. That brings us to the point of this post.

Joe the second author we took on, beat J.T. to the punch by releasing his book first. In J.T.’s defense Joe had it almost finished when we signed him and has two more 1st drafts in the wings. Those titles as of now are A Witch’s Dilemma, and The West Son Rises on the East. 

Joe released Demons of the Jungle on May 24, 2014 through Smashwords in e-book formats. I talked to him about his process from to start to finish to see what problems occurred along the way. I will post the interview over the weekend, it is must read for those who plan on or about to release their first book. I feel his advice may help others from making the same mistakes. Below you will find a short synopsis of Demons of the Jungle.

Cover Text Yellow Joe SW

Debra and Patricia met at a local truck stop in Birmingham on a stormy night in late May. They both were in search of something different in their lives. One wanted to change her life for the better, the other wanted to see the world and have a little fun for a change. The two young women headed to Atlanta to start their journey courtesy of a trucker. Their troubles disappeared once they got settled in. They had a small apartment of their own, three meals a day, and a strong friendship. Debra and Patricia had only two goals now, to own a car and become actors. They had made a pack with the devil, they were sure he would handle the acting part all they needed was to acquire the wheels. The deal that they had made with the devil was not working out as trouble seemed to find them even in their sleep. After being incarcerated and losing everything they picked it in and moved. New Orleans was in their sights, from there back to Birmingham, then to Texas. With each stop a new disaster would fall upon Debra and Patricia. They both picked up a coke habit after being clean for most of the adventures. Texas was the place they were sure to catch a break. They did, so they thought. With a pull of a prop pistol they were once again on the run. Their destination, Alaska to work for a non-profit that would transfer them to a jungle paradise get-a-way. The jungle became their prison. Patricia began to have nightmares of being attacked by the unseen. The paradise was filled with mysterious events. One happened at the lagoon, the other while tracking elephants. They also discovered that people had disappeared without a trace, and other information that ran cold chills up their spines. Debra and Patricia realized they were part of a much bigger scheme. The demons and spirits were planning on taking over humanity. Would Malcum the master of evil get his way, or would help arrive in time to save Debra and Patricia from an unthinkable death?

The book retails for 2.99, however through Friday June 13 if you purchase through Smashwords use Coupon Code SA39Y to save 2.00, bringing the price to under a buck. Please remember any book you buy please leave a review for that author, there sales may depend on it.

Till next time keep flipping those pages and supporting the independent authors.

Nina D~ASOFT Writing

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The Artistic Side of Thunder has changed the format of the site. We have gained a new writer and in contract talks with other’s. We have dedicated each writer a blog under our umbrella. On their blog page you will find there Bios along with links to their web sites, book purchases, and other information. To follow your favorite writer just click on his or her name in the tool bar on the right of this page under ASOFT writers. There you will be able to keep up with the writer and their progress to becoming published. 

Up above the logo on the left side you will find two page tabs. (Tab 1) The About Us tab will give you a brief history about our new company, contact information, along with some contact information of Proof Readers, Editors,And Publishers.

(Tab 2)  Erotica, We will have post that contain Adult Themes, Graphic Violence, Sex, Excessive Drug Use, and Language, In no way will we squish free speech, heck we are writers but some things may be inappropriate for those under 18/21. These writings will not be found anywhere else on the site except under the Erotica tab. The writer may post the title and a brief synopsis of the manuscript on their blog (G rated) and that link will bring you to the Erotica section of the site. You will encounter a couple of warning pages just to give you a chance to change your mind and so you just can not stumble into that section.

This main blog will be used for tips on writing and information to help the author achieve their goal of being published. Where they chose the  route of traditional or INDIE publishing. Watching us grow can be very humorous at times! Please leave constructive comments for our writers. They understand that the truth will sting sometimes but it helps them grow.However we do not want to break their spirit so please refrain from name calling, cussing, and degrading insults when leaving your opinion. 

Thanks for stopping by, if you have every thought about penning a cook book, self-help book, or any type of writing. Go for it and check back often, maybe we can lend a hand. 

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